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ATNC Steering Group

Mr Robert Pinate. MSc, BSc (Hons), RN, ATNC(I)
ATNC Chair

Rob is a Consultant Nurse in the Emergency Department at University College London Hospitals. Having qualified as a nurse in 1995 his career has been focused on emergency nursing ever since. Rob completed ATNC in 2003 and became an instructor in 2004. Rob joined the ATNC steering group in 2005 and has held the Chair position since 2016.

Trauma has always been a keen interest, whilst at the Whittington Hospital Rob set up and chaired the Trust’s trauma committee with the emergency medicine lead. This was during the period running up to the launch of formal trauma networks in London in 2010 where Rob represented the Trust in the North East London and Essex Trauma Network. More recently and based on work developed as part of the Pan London Trauma Nursing Group (PLTNG) which Rob co-chaired between 2012 and 2017; he and colleagues set up the National Major Trauma Nursing Group (NMTNG) in 2015 which he has chaired since its inception and which has informed the development of the National Major Trauma Quality Indicators for Trauma Emergency Nursing and AHP practice.

Mrs Karen Chivers. MSc, BSc (Hons), PG Dip Ed, RN, RNT, ATNC (I)

Karen is a Consultant Nurse in the Emergency Department at Wexham Park Hospital, Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust. Karen has been involved with ATNC since 2000 when she undertook her provider course and regularly directs courses at Wexham Park. Karen has previously worked as a lecturer at Oxford Brookes University on under graduate and post-graduate courses and frequently mentors staff. Karen is a firm believer in the positive benefits of collaboration during ATNC for both nursing and medical staff.

Mrs Sue Way ATNC

Sue is the Finance administrator for ATNC. She has worked in Finance for over 20 years and is currently working part time at the Oxford Martin School – a department of the University of Oxford. She also runs a Biodynamic Psychotherapy practice from her home near Witney. Sue became involved with the ATNC steering group in 2012 and since then has looked after all financial and administrative aspects of the central ATNC office.

Mrs Sharon Budd. MSc, RN, ATNC(I)

Sharon is a trainee Advanced Nurse Practitioner in Cardiothoracics at the Queen Elizabeth MTC in Birmingham. She previously worked for 18 years as a Trauma Nurse Co-ordinator in Derby. Sharon completed her ATNC provider course in 2001 and has been an instructor on various courses since 2002. Sharon has recently become vice chair of the adult trauma sub group of the National Major Trauma Nursing group.

Mrs Roisin Devlin. BSc, RN, ATNC(I)

Roisin is the lead nurse for the Emergency Departments within the South Eastern and Social Health and Social Care Trust in Northern Ireland. Roisin completed her ATNC provider course in 2003 and has been teaching in Northern Ireland since completion of her instructor’s course. She is currently the Course Director for ATNC in NI and enjoys the joint approach to teaching and the mutual learning that comes from the course. She is currently undertaking a MSc in Health & Social Care Management.

Roisin is also an elected member of the RCN Northern Ireland Board since 2012. She has represented the RCN in the development of the NIPEC advanced nurse practitioner framework and contributed written and oral evidence to the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission inquiry into emergency care in Northern Ireland.

Mrs Rosemary Flanagan. PGCE, BA (FE), RN, ATNC(I)

Rosemary is a Clinical Nurse Educator working in the Emergency Department at Hull Royal Infirmary. Rosemary started her career in the Emergency Department in 1988, initially working in North London, Surrey and East Sussex before moving to Hull in 1990. Rosemary has always had a keen interest in Trauma and completed her first ATNC in 1991. She has directed ATNC courses in Hull since 2002. Rosemary is a member of the National Trauma Nursing group and an ATNC steering group member.

Dr Heather Jarman. RN, RLPE, DHC, MSc, ATNC (I)

Heather has worked as an emergency nurse since 1994 in a variety of roles. In 2004 she was appointed as Consultant Nurse in Emergency Care at St Georges Hospital in London, and subsequently as the Clinical Director for Major Trauma. She maintains a strong clinical focus in both resuscitation and trauma management.

Heather first completed ATNC in 1997, and set up the first course at St George’s Major Trauma Centre in London in 2014. Heather is an advocate of the joint learning environment that ATNC offers as it mirrors the reality of trauma practice.

Ms Lorrie Lawton. MSc, PGCTHE, BSc(Hons), BA, RN, RN(Child) ATNC(I)

Lorrie has been a Consultant Nurse in Paediatric Emergency Medicine since 2009 and is currently working at Kings College Hospital, London. She has a keen interest in Paediatric trauma and is currently completing a part-time Doctorate on the topic. Lorrie first completed ATNC in 1991 and then again in 2013 – when she became an Instructor and Course Director. She is also an instructor on APLS and EPALS courses, and lectures on advanced practice in paediatric emergency medicine. Lorrie is the Chair of the Paediatric National Major Trauma Nursing Group and has led the development of the national guidelines for Paediatric Trauma Nursing competencies for paediatric emergency nursing, paediatric critical care nursing and paediatric ward nursing. A strong advocate for all things paediatric - Lorrie believes that education is the key to delivering expert care.

Mrs Julie Reeve. PG Dip, BSc (Hons), RN, ATNC(I)

Julie is a Consultant Nurse in the Emergency Department, Yeovil District Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. She has worked in this role for 5 years and prior to that she has worked in a number of different roles including: Nurse Practitioner at a London walk in Centre and Emergency Departments, Lecturer Practitioner Bournemouth University and a Senior Nurse with P&O. She has been involved with ATNC as an instructor for over 20 years and is the Course Director for the Chelsea & Westminster Course. Within her local hospital she is the nursing trauma lead and delivers the TILS course to the multi-disciplinary team.

Mrs Sharon Sanderson. BSc (Hons), RN, ATNC (I)

Sharon is a Major Trauma Case Manager at Queens Medical Centre in Nottingham and has been in this role since February 2012. Prior to this she was an emergency department nurse since 1991 and was an ED sister and Nurse Educator for 10 years. Sharon completed her first ATNC provider course in 1996 and again in 2006. In 2007 Sharon became an ATNC instructor and was invited to be a member of the Steering Group in 2012. Sharon has been the course director of the ATNC Course Nottingham since 2013. She has a BSC Honours in Health Care-Trauma Care, is an Advanced Life Support Instructor, as well as instructing in ILS and delivering Human Factors training to ED and theatre staff. Sharon has taught on the critical Illness module for MSC student nurses at the University of Nottingham for several years and is currently teaching on the Trauma Management Programme. She is Co-Chair of Network Major Trauma Co-ordinator’s group for the East Midlands Trauma Network.

Ms Jane Tippett. MSc, BSc (Hons), RN, ATNC (I)

Jane is a Consultant Nurse in the Emergency Department, King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. She has previously worked as an Emergency Consultant Nurse at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital and has had strategic leadership and management experience. Jane has been involved in trauma training since the start of ATNC in 1991. She has taught on over sixty courses both at provider and instructor level. Previously Jane was Chair of ATNC from August 2003-June 2011. She is currently undertaking doctoral studies, part-time, at the University of Southampton.

Mr Rob Way. MSc, PG Dip Ed, DPSN, RN, RNT, ATNC(I)

Rob Way is a Consultant Nurse in the Emergency Departments of the Oxford University NHS Foundation Trust and Visiting Fellow at Oxford Brookes University. Rob has been an emergency nurse since 1985 and has been involved in ATNC since 1994. He was chair of ATNC from 2011-2016.

Since 2018 Rob has been the ATNC Educator, leading the curriculum development and accreditation process to enable ATNC to run alongside ATLS® 10th Edition.

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